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Color selection and physical and mental health of infant clothing
Dec 06, 2017
The baby's waist size is small, and the face is not very expressive of personality, so should avoid the color of strong clothing, should be white as the center, pink, blue, cream and other tints for the theme, the advantages of choosing light-colored Clothing is: On the one hand, observing the health status of the baby is not affected by the color of clothing, on the other hand, can cultivate the personality of infants. For example, Pink County has a feminine beauty, often in pink clothes baby girl, grow up easy to form a demure, pleasant personality; More importantly, light-colored clothing can reduce the irritation of dyes to the skin and minimize oral toxicity. Infants like to suck the clothing neckline, front, cuffs and other easily accessible clothing, and at this time if the clothing dye fastness to saliva low, easy to fade when the baby in the sucking toxins easily invade the body, increase the oral toxicity of infants. In addition, some clothing dyes of low staining, will cause color shedding phenomenon. General infant delicate skin surface lack of Maringsu, once stained with dyes, bacteria in the role of bio-catalysts, but also may have a reduction reaction, releasing carcinogenic aromatic amine, and may spread into the body through the skin, become the cause of human disease. Faded baby clothing, in the baby wearing friction, it is possible to cause the dye to fall to the skin, damage to the baby. In the garment printing and dyeing process, due to the process of dye additives and other harmful components, the baby's body will cause pollution. light-colored clothing through the washing, you can wash away all or most of the ' floating color ', thus reducing the impact of dyes on the body of infants and young children.

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