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Factors affecting infant Costume Design
Dec 06, 2017

1. Safety and protection of infant clothing

Compared with adults, the largest physiological characteristics of the baby is that the body is not fully developed, soft bones, sensitive skin, poor resistance, behavioral activities can not help self-help, poor self-protection ability. These factors determine the need for special attention when designing and selecting clothing and accessories for them.

2. Hot and humid comfort of infant clothing

The skin of the baby is delicate and easy to be stimulated by the outside, and the skin's thermal and thermal insulation function is poor, the main reason is the baby sweat glands development is not complete, can not rely on the excretion of sweat to regulate the body temperature, while the infant central nervous system development is not perfect, regulating the expansion of blood vessels and contraction of the secondary meridian function is not strong, defecation function is , only rely on clothing to ensure normal temperature. So baby clothing fabric texture requirements light, soft, thin, easy to absorb water, good air permeability, good insulation, which is conducive to maintaining the normal body of the baby's hot and humid balance and vigorous metabolism.

3. The activity comfort of infant clothing

Infancy period, the baby sleeps more time, the maximum sleep time can reach 20 hours a day, and basically supine posture, exercise small, less exercise time. So in the style design, the jacket to loose, no collar, chest overlapping openings, easy to wear off the main style. , and is short before long, in order to avoid the pollution of urine. In addition, the position of the button or strap is more exquisite, the side or the front position can prevent the baby from feeling the pressure when supine.

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