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Infant Clothing Decoration Technology
Dec 06, 2017

There are two kinds of decorative ways of infant Clothing: one is the fabric itself printing and dyeing of a variety of cartoon animals, fruit dolls, meaning the concept of artistic conception and other patterns, not only can make the costumes become interesting, but also conducive to the visual stimulation of the child's imagination, but also to achieve the baby's self training language ability, sound thinking and intellectual development effect The second is in the sewing process, to applique embroidery and other unique processing, in the pocket, chest, cuffs, trousers, dotted all kinds of lace decorations and flowers and animal patterns, both new and lively, to add the natural beauty of infants and toddlers, but also to improve the baby's understanding of the world's taste.

In handling clothing folding door, should avoid glass products and hollow buttons, with a decorative small buckle or buckle as well. Buckle to be easy to use easy to solve, small for the good; to use the convex buckle in the lapel, four buckle used in the door lapel, so even in the press to buckle when the hand slip, will not hurt the baby's delicate skin. Decorative small buckle, decorative long belt, the baby is easy to plug in the mouth, if a careless tape will also tie around the neck, there is danger, so be careful not to put long straps around the neck. Neck or hoodie, as far as possible to adjust the tightness of the tape, the use of elastic bands, so as to prevent infants and toddlers in the run when playing, winding on other items, bring dangerous face.

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