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Outline design and shoulder structure design of infant clothing
Dec 06, 2017

The corridor design of infant Clothing

The outline design of infant clothing mainly refers to the change of the contour line of infant clothing, and the contour line is also known as outline line, mainly refers to the silhouette features of the outer boundary of children's wear. The infant body is tubular, there is no obvious measurements difference, Shing, form the shape characteristic of the anterior protrusion concave. In view of this characteristic, its modelling mainly uses H, A, 0 type, the style structure should be simple, convenient and comfortable mainly, in order to adapt to the growth of the baby.

Shoulder structure Design

The shoulder is a more restricted part of the suit design, and the shoulder changes far less than the waist and swing freely, and the baby's shoulder design rarely uses more complex shapes. Because the baby's skeleton is relatively fragile, shoulder round and small, and is in passive wear, so the shoulder shape to be more rounded, and enough relaxation to facilitate the movement of the baby arm and the convenience of passive clothing.

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