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Practicality of infant Costume design
Dec 06, 2017

First, the structure of the baby's style should be simple, loose, easy to wear, no obvious gender differences. Formerly the main, as far as possible with buttons, zippers and other accessories, can be used rope system or nylon soft chin buckle, so as not to bruise the baby's young skin.

Second, fabrics with high yarn cotton knitted fabric, cotton fine cloth, cotton flannel mainly. The chemical composition of the cotton fiber is cellulose, which is a bundle of large organic molecules connected to each other, surrounded by each other, curled into strips, there are many capillary lines, fiber molecules with hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, strongly attracted to the water molecules in the air. Therefore, cotton fabric has good hygroscopicity and permeability, and no electrostatic. Especially suitable for the needs of the baby's unique physiological function.

Third, color can be slightly different according to the baby's sex. To light blue, pink, green, yellow, white and other light tone-oriented. This color can give children, family with a very warm, quiet feeling, but also to encourage adults to change their clothes to the baby, to ensure the absolute cleanliness of baby clothing.

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