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Reasons for children's pajamas selling
Nov 17, 2018

US federal law stipulates that from baby pajamas to pajama No. 14, it should be necessary to prevent burning. After buying each pajamas, look at the washing instructions and figure out how to wash them without damaging their flame retardancy.

Do not use any type of soap when washing; no soap, soap, or detergent; do not use any liquid whiteners or liquid softeners. These things can remove the flame retardant properties of the clothes. Before deciding to purchase, look at the instructions on the box to find out if the flame retardant product is damaged. Also take a look at this type of close-fitting pajamas and outer gowns with or without labels. The baby is very old first, so be sure to buy loose clothing. In addition to diapers, other clothes should be bought according to the baby for 3 to 6 months, and should not be bought by the newborn.

In terms of dressing, babies or older children are not as much as adults. Even if you need anything, three or four pieces will suffice. A practical pajamas, children can wear at night, can wear during the day; mittens connected to the cuffs of children's clothes can prevent children from scratching themselves, can pull the cuffs up, or open them to expose their hands; long pajamas Prevent children from smashing quilts; short pajamas are used on hot days. Need to buy three or four pieces. If you don't have a washing machine and dryer, you should buy so many sleeping bags and one-piece pajamas.

The baby can climb in the small bed in 6 months. Most parents find that when they are sleeping with a blanket, they always climb out from below, so it is better to let him sleep in a sleeping bag or a one-piece pajamas. The sleeping bag is like a long pajamas with sleeves, but the feet are sealed. When you grow up, when you use it inappropriately, you can zoom in and out under your feet and shoulders. One-piece pajamas are like overalls or children's snowsuits. They have two legs, stitched under the feet, and the soles are made of strong non-slip material. The zipper can be pulled from the head to the foot, which is very convenient. Always check the inside of the trouser legs to see if there is any hair. It is very painful that the hair is easily wrapped around the child's toes.

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