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Something on infant clothing from the perspective of clothing hygiene
Dec 06, 2017
From the perspective of clothing hygiene, babies are best dressed in a loose cotton jumpsuit. Similar to the "robe" type of underwear, chest, crotch can be opened at will, wearing, change is extremely convenient. Protects the baby's body well. Also can regulate the body temperature, the most important is very advantageous to the baby bust and the lung growth development. Because the infant's nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea and bronchus are very narrow, small size of the breast and weak respiratory muscle, mainly by the diaphragm muscle respiration. Careful observation of the baby's abdomen can clearly see the rhythm of the infant's breathing. A pair of trousers is not bound to the body of a baby, which is extremely advantageous to the baby's belly breathing. And according to the different seasons, made of single, folder, Cotton. As the baby gradually grew up, the upper limb of the upward movement gradually increased, even the underwear shirt thoroughly solved the upper limb movement brought up to raise the baby's abdomen exposed to the problem of cold, very scientific and practical.

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