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Structure design of infant clothing pomelo
Dec 06, 2017
Sleeves are also a very important part of clothing design. The human upper limb is the most frequent activity the largest part of the activity, it through the shoulder, wrist and other parts of the activity, so as to drive the upper body of the movement changes, while the sleeve, especially the shoulder and armpit is connected with the sleeves of the important part of the body, design unreasonable will hinder the movement of human body. If the sleeve mountain is not high enough, when the arms down will appear on the upper arm of most folds or taut on the shoulders; sleeve mountain is too high. The arm is difficult to lift or lift when the shoulder allowance is too large, so the need for shoulder sleeve design is better, at the same time, the sleeve is a larger part of the garment, its shape must be coordinated with the overall clothing. Baby clothing in general with a sleeve of the cutting way, sleeve-shaped smooth, relaxed stretch, easy activities and simple process. Long sleeve cuff width should be enough adult hands to enter, convenient to wear clothes. Cuffs also have the function of regulating the body temperature, winter wear the use of tightening cuffs can be warm, summer use of open cuffs can be cooler.

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