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Tactile comfort of baby garments
Dec 06, 2017

Infancy is mainly through the senses to understand things, the development of feelings, especially the development of touch, the baby's physiological and psychological development plays an important role. A newborn's sense of touch is already very sensitive, good tactile feeling, can make the baby reduce agitation, psychological comfort, promote the development of the nervous system and immune function enhancement. So the feel of the fabric will directly affect the baby's touch, soft, warm, smooth fabric will give the baby a kind of mother's hands touching feeling, can settle the baby mood, so some fine cotton, knitting, worsted fabric, such as plush soft and comfortable fabrics will be widely used in infant wear.

The form of color collocation is directly related to the overall style of clothing, in the selection of colors. Baby clothing should be white, light pink, light blue, milk yellow and other light-colored system, because the baby's retina for the weak light is more suitable, light system can prevent the baby's retina stimulated, stabilize the baby's mood, but also easy for parents to find dirty, timely cleaning. In the design of accessories, can be in the baby's hat, clothing and shoes on the use of some small animals and plant image, such as small animal ears or tentacles as decorative objects, so as to increase the baby's touch fun, but also can play a role in education and enlightenment, while increasing the beauty of clothing.

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