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The development prospect of infant clothing
Dec 06, 2017
In infant clothing design, the application of ergonomics, the comfort of children's wear has a great help, for the growing process in the growth of the child's healthy development is very useful. Considering the physiological characteristics of infants, infant clothing should have the following characteristics: Baby skin tender, so underwear to use not to stimulate the baby's skin soft materials, to avoid processing agents or harmful substances (formaldehyde, broken needles, etc.), seam head and curling should be as little as possible, not to do thick and hard, the hem of the underwear should be outside. Clothes should be lightweight, loose, and patrol to avoid the oppression of the baby's body in a local context. To prevent skin infections, baby clothes should be washed regularly, in order to be able to wear clean and tidy clothes, baby clothing should choose washable cloth. The best color is white or light-colored, the pattern should be simple to choose. Baby clothing features to be easy to wear off, open door lapel, style loose, cut concise, sleeves to big, can let adult hand in. Gender-neutral.

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