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The selection principle of infant clothing
Dec 06, 2017

First of all, the baby's underwear, coat requirements are different. The infant's clothing, the hygienic standard is higher, the baby's underwear replacement frequency is far higher than the coat. And the price of baby underwear is relatively cheap relative to the variety of coats. Therefore, when the parents buy clothes for their baby, to calculate well, the most reasonable proportion is that the number of underwear two times the coat. At the same time, baby skin delicate, in the choice of underwear must be hygroscopic, perspiration function is better natural fiber, such as cotton fabric as the first choice. But the coat is in the function to pay attention to the warm, the wind and so on practical function.

Second, in the infant clothing model selection requires functional clarity, both to facilitate parents, but also to let the baby feel comfortable. Baby clothing is generally no buttons, is afraid of the baby because of the risk of ingestion, so use the way the belt. This is to remind parents not to look good in the baby's clothes to do some unnecessary decorations or to choose some accessories to wear clothing, to avoid damage to the baby. At the same time the most suitable collar for the baby is the neck, do not let clothes rub the baby's throat and feel uncomfortable. In summer, the neckline should be lowered, more easy to breathe, and in winter the opposite, to reduce, heightening, convenient to keep warm.

Again, for the big one principle, to differentiate. For trousers, sweaters, sweatshirts and other coats, can be a large number of principles to deal with. Pull up the pant leg, roll up the sleeve, you can wear more than one or two seasons. For the intimate underwear must avoid too big and lose its warm and comfortable role.

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