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There is a mother who wears two pajamas for the baby because she is lazy at night, and the baby is sick!
Nov 17, 2018

In order to prevent my son from being quilted in the night, a mother did not want to take care of her son to cover the quilt frequently. She thought of a method that she thought was wonderful. It was to wear two pajamas for her son, and it was thicker. , plus a pair of thick cotton socks.

Because it was in the early autumn, the weather was a bit cold, but the mother thought about wearing two thick pajamas, even if she kicked the quilt at night, it would not freeze, so she rested herself with confidence.

Because there was nothing wrong with the weekend and the weather was so cold, my son was still asleep and didn't wake up. The mother re-attached the quilt to her son and cooked herself. The rice was all done, and the son was still asleep. She asked her son to get up. When he called out and did not agree, he went to stretch his hand and found his son's body hot. He shouted that his son didn't agree, and he was burned.

The mother said nothing to dress up the child and take the child to the hospital. The doctor said that the children have burned to this extent. How did the parents send them over and send them later, I am afraid that the children’s heads will be burned out. After the doctor asked, I knew that because the baby wore two pajamas at night, the mother did not know it in time.

Does the sleeping environment affect your baby's sleep? For example, noise, pillows or bedding?

This has a very large impact on the child's sleep, because a good and comfortable sleeping environment has a great impact on the child's sleep state and depth of sleep and sleep quality.

One of the most common effects, such as loud noise, is that it can affect your child's sleep.

In addition, for example, indoor temperature, humidity, such as too cold, too hot or too dry, may affect your child's sleep. In addition, like pillows, uncomfortable, one is too thick, parents are afraid of children cold, so the cover is particularly large, and too soft, there is a more important reason is allergies.

The quilt is very clean, but there are hairs and cotton wadding that fall off, so parents buy cotton for their children. If they are particularly soft, they must be covered with a quilt. Some parents took their children to see a doctor. They said that the children were particularly uncomfortable sleeping. Later, when our professionals saw a special smile, they used a blanket to directly pack the child, saying that this is the best blanket in our family. The child took a closer look. There are a little cotton wool on the face, so be sure to cover the blanket with a cotton cover to prevent allergies.


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