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These 3 kinds of clothes, try not to wear for newborns.
Sep 28, 2018

The first type of clothes, the clothes with high collars.

We like to wear a high-necked dress in the fall, so that we can prevent the wind from entering the body. Although the big man wears it, it may be trendy and comfortable, but it also makes people look very beautiful, but the baby is different. If you let a newborn child wear some high-necked clothes, it may cause the child to feel uncomfortable and may even cause an allergic reaction in his body. If you let your newborn baby wear this high-necked dress, it may cause discomfort in the neck. The child has just emerged from the stomach and is not suitable for the clothes that may reach the neck. Newborn babies are very white and tender, very fine and tender, although the autumn is slowly getting cold, but when preparing clothes for newborns, you must also pay attention, try not to find some high-necked clothes for the children to wear, Keep on wearing low-necked clothes.

The second type of clothing, the clothes attached to the socks.

Some mothers may think that wearing a full set of clothes for a baby will make him look like a little superman, very cute, but we say that we should try to make the baby wear this kind of clothing with socks as little as possible. There is a reason. Shortly after the baby is born, her body may often need parents to wipe him, and the newborn child has no control over the urine, so it is often necessary to change the pants. If the child’s parents give the newborn baby this time With the clothes of the socks, the mothers will be very inconvenient when they undress the baby. After all, it is necessary to take off the pants when the pants are undressed. This is a huge challenge for the mother’s workload, and also It is possible that wearing such a pair of socks will control the tightness of the clothes. If it is too tight, the child's feet may be subjected to a certain amount of compression.

The third type of clothing has tight tight clothes.

Some people think that the weather is getting colder, and the cold may penetrate into the body of the person through the clothes on the body. Therefore, when you choose clothes for the newborn baby, you will choose some clothes and put on very tight clothes and pants. It is believed that such tight clothes and pants can grip the clothes of the baby very well, so as to prevent the baby from falling off when the baby turns over or is tampering, causing the outside air to contact the baby's stomach, resulting in diarrhea and colds. But in fact, if you choose a tighter clothes for your baby, it is easy to hold the baby's body, causing the blood inside his body not to circulate well, worrying that the clothes on the baby's body fall off and cause contact with the cold air outside. Just wear a more slim underwear inside your baby's outerwear, so you can maintain your baby's body temperature.

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