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What are the design principles for baby clothes?
Jun 15, 2018

What are the design principles for baby clothes?

Practicality, economy, and fashion are all factors that must be considered in the design of infant and children's clothing.

In terms of practical economy, first of all, from the physiological characteristics of infants, infants love to sweat, defecation function is not perfect, and it is slow to adapt to the outside temperature, so the fabric requirements are not only sweat-absorbent, soft, but also resistant to washing.

Another feature is the rapid growth of infants' body shape. The use of valance design on the cuffs and trousers can increase the wearing time of clothing. On sleeping products, the sleeping bag adopts an expandable design so that the grown baby can Continue to use it as a quilt.

In fashion and fashion, the popular colors and patterns of adult outfits must not be completely moved to baby clothes. They should be selected and applied according to the small size of infants. The ears of small animals or the antennae of small insects should be used on the baby's hat. Ornaments, cute animals, small flowers, and small geometric patterns can be used as decoration on the fabric. Popular colors should be selected for the color, but it should not be too heavy for the baby.

The design of baby clothes is different from that of big children's clothing. When a newborn baby is born into this world, what kind of way we need to greet, care, and ensure the healthy growth of the baby? How can we guide this little child? To be the recipient of this world beauty, the sensation of beauty, and ultimately the creator of beauty, these are the issues that our design must consider.

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