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What are the selection criteria for baby clothes
Jun 15, 2018

What are the selection criteria for baby clothes?

First of all, there are different requirements for babies' underwear and outerwear. For baby clothes, the hygiene standards are relatively high, and the baby's underwear replacement frequency is much higher than that of outer clothing. Moreover, baby underwear is relatively cheap compared to a variety of colors. Therefore, when parents purchase clothes for their babies, they must be calculated. The most reasonable proportion is that the number of underwear is twice that of the coat. At the same time, the baby's skin is delicate, and in the selection of underwear, natural fibers with good moisture absorption and perspiration functions, such as cotton fabrics are preferred. The outerwear is more functional in terms of warmth, wind resistance and other practical effects. At the same time, the baby's growth rate is very shabbi. For economic reasons, all kinds of clothes do not have to buy too much.

Secondly, the choice of style for baby clothes requires a clear function, which should not only be convenient for parents, but also give the baby a comfortable feeling. Generally, there are no buttons on infants' clothing because they are afraid of the baby's mistakes. This reminds parents not to make unnecessary decorations on baby clothes or to choose accessories to avoid harming babies. At the same time, the collar type that is most suitable for babies is a round neck, which does not cause the clothes to rub against the baby's neck and feel uncomfortable. In the summer, the collar should be lowered and the air permeability should be relatively easy. In winter, on the other hand, the neck should be reduced and heightened to facilitate warmth. It is worthy of parents' attention that the baby's optic nerve is not yet fully developed. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use stimulating colors such as big red and green for the clothes of young babies. For babies, shoes don't need to be prepared too early, because babies must learn to walk after eight or nine months, so the chance of wearing socks is higher than that of wearing shoes, so socks should be prepared more because socks are extremely easy to lose. , so it's best to choose the same style, if you lose one, you can still pair it and wear it again. Two-piece clothes are easy to loosen, and a stretchy, tight-fitting outfit is more suitable for babies.

Again, for the principle of Big One, we must treat it differently. For trousers, sweaters, sweatshirts and other coats, you can deal with the bigger one. Roll up your trouser legs and roll up your sleeves to wear more for a season or two. For intimate underwear, it is necessary to avoid too large and lose its warm and comfortable effect.

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