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What is the best wash for infant and toddler clothes?
Sep 28, 2018

Baby clothes stains and adult clothing stains are different, milk stains, saliva stains, urine stains, stool stains, etc. are all unique and frequent frequency of the baby 0-3 years old, so you need to use a special laundry detergent specially designed for baby stains. .

Milk stains and saliva stains are not observed with the naked eye, and it is easy to cause the illusion that the stains have been washed. However, if these stains are not really cleaned, not only will the baby's clothing be yellow, but it will also breed bacteria, damage the baby's skin, and even harm the health of the respiratory system.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use baby-specific laundry detergent, specially designed for 0-3 years old baby, effectively remove all kinds of daily stains (such as milk stains, fruit stains, vegetable mud stains, oil stains, saliva stains, stool stains, etc.) and remove odors. Neutral pH, clean ingredients derived from plants, no irritation to the skin, no washing residue after washing; suitable for baby clothes, bibs of cotton, hemp, silk, wool, down, synthetic fiber, blended fabric, etc. Handkerchiefs, shawls, diapers, sheets and toys.

Cleaning methods vary for different stains on your baby's clothing:

(1) Method for washing stains that are difficult to observe by the naked eye

Breast milk stains, saliva stains and other stains that are difficult to observe by the naked eye, use the "milk stain soaking method": according to the reference dosage, add the laundry liquid to the water and mix well, put it into the clothes for 30 minutes, and wash it normally.

(2) Washing method for visible stains

Wash the visible stains on the baby's clothing, using the “dry coat pre-coating method”: When drying the clothes, apply the original solution directly to the stains, let stand for 5 minutes, and wash normally.

※ Solid stains such as vegetable mud stains and stool stains are recommended. Use a paper towel or the like to wipe off the surface stains before using the “dry coat pre-coating method”.

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