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What kind of pajamas are most beneficial to your baby's sleep?
Nov 17, 2018

First, children's pajamas fabric: cotton PK silk material

At present, there are two kinds of pajamas on the market: cotton material and silk material: the cotton material is soft and comfortable, but it is easy to wrinkle; the silk material is bright and smooth, relatively beautiful. Children's pajamas are better than natural cotton, soft and comfortable, and inexpensive, suitable for children to roll on the bed.

Second, children's pajamas texture: soft PK hard

Young children have more activities during the day, and the body is tense. At night, it is a good time to relax. The soft pajamas feel good, the body is less restrained, and it is not easy to damage the skin. The hard pajamas are not good, and the body is tighter. Big, I feel uncomfortable. Children's pajamas should be based on a soft texture.

Third, children's pajamas style: loose PK tight

Children's pajamas have two styles: loose and tight: the children's pajamas are loose and large, easy for children to move, stretch the body, can promote muscle relaxation, improve sleep effect; children's pajamas tight and narrow, will create a sense of restraint, not easy for children to stretch the body, leading to muscles Tension, affecting the quality of sleep. Therefore, it is better to choose a loose style for children's pajamas.

Fourth, children's pajamas style: suit PK dress

There are two styles of children's pajamas: suits and pyjamas. The children's suits are made up of blouses and trousers. They are dignified and generous. Children at night will not fold when they sleep. It is not easy to catch colds. Children's dresses are more relaxed and lively, but they can sleep at night. It is easy to catch a cold with a roll. Obviously, the children's suit pajamas are more practical, which is good for children's sleep health.

Five, children's pajamas color: bright color PK dark

Children's pajamas are available in bright and dark colors: children's bright color pajamas are bright and bright, feel warm and comfortable, good mood, easy to fall asleep quickly, and sleep quality is good; children's dark pajamas are dull, although dirty, but feel The heart is depressed and damp, and the mood is low, which affects the quality of sleep. Young children like light colors, just invest in their bright color pajamas.

to sum up

In summary, the bright color, soft and loose cotton suit pajamas are of course the first choice for children's pajamas!

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