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Which kind of baby sleeping bag is pajamas and quilts?
Nov 17, 2018

Select by age of use:

1, 0-8 months: During this period, the baby will not turn over, but the feet will lick the quilt, the hands will be lifted while sleeping, the knees of the legs will bend outwards, and the diapers need to be changed frequently. During the sleep, the activities of the hands and feet are waving for the hands, and the feet are like the frog's water-like movement, which makes it easy to get rid of the quilt. If you are restricted in your hands and feet, you will wake up and cry, affecting your baby's sleep. Therefore, you should use a loose sleeping bag and don't give your baby a sense of restraint. Such as hoist, envelope and so on.

2, 1-3 years old: During this period, the baby sleeps most unsteadily, and there are many activities during sleep. Turning over again and again, the quilt was pressed underneath. You can use sleeping bags such as clothes and envelopes to prevent your baby from sleeping in the cold. Because the baby can understand the parents' teaching, I know that I can use my sleeping bag and quilt with my parents.

3, 3-7 years old: Children in this period began to learn to use their sleeping bags and quilts, and began to consciously control the physical activity during sleep. Therefore, depending on the child's sleep, you can choose a product that has a restraint or a sleeve close to the quilt. Start to develop your child's sleep habits and lay the foundation for using the quilt in the future.

4, 7 years old or older: Children in this period have basically developed their own sleep habits, not to lose the quilt, it is generally recommended to let the child use the quilt, or can use the sleeve to be transitioned.

All sleeping bags, except quality factors, are not good or bad, so mothers still need to choose their own baby's sleeping bag according to the temperature, baby growth characteristics, physical condition and so on.

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