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Why can't newborn clothes be washed with my parents?
Sep 28, 2018

1, the newborn's skin is very delicate, the materials selected for clothes are particularly particular; and the skin of adults has the traces of the years, plus the environment and characters of adults are more mixed, so there will be more bacteria. Although we can't see it with the naked eye, it is prone to cross-infection and can easily harm your baby's health.

2, newborn clothes are best not to use washing powder, because it contains fluorescent agents and bleaching powder, and it is not easy to wash when dehydrated, this will cause damage to the baby's skin. Baby clothes are best to use baby soap or laundry detergent, they are relatively safe, and the baby's skin is better. Adults' clothes are more casual, they can use washing powder, and they don't hurt the skin.

3, pay attention to the order and material when washing your baby, not all the clothes are put together to wash. You must first wash the cotton from the inside out, or first, so that you can pay more attention to hygiene. When adults wash clothes, they always wash together, no matter what order, and no material.

4, most of the newborn's clothes will be stained with milk, need to be soaked, and then washed by hand to wash clean; and the adults' clothes are not so dirty, just casual, and then thrown into the washing machine.

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