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5 Rules For Safe Sleeping Environment For Babies
Nov 17, 2018

In recent years, there have been accidents that are suspected of sudden death due to drowsiness, showing that the baby's sleeping position is closely related to life safety, and Dr. Wu has encountered a few days ago, there is a baby boy who has stopped the cardiopulmonary function (OHCA) before delivery. To the emergency department, although the doctor tried to rescue, but finally returned to the sky, the initial suspected that the baby boy was asleep after being fed, maintaining a restful posture for more than an hour caused suffocation.

Dr. Wu often shared pediatric knowledge and emergency stories in the Facebook Fan Group's "Talk about Pediatric Emergency 543", and his 28th PO article told everyone about the tragedy, and also called for "sleeping instead of sleeping to keep the baby away from the sudden death crisis." . He pointed out that from 2012 to 2016, in the past five years, 184 people died of "sudden sudden death" in the past five years. The small life that was too late to grow up often occurred in babies only 2 to 4 months old.

Dr. Wu said that in order to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, infants under 1 year old should maintain a "sleeping" posture at any time; in addition, because the baby cannot remove foreign objects covering the nose and mouth as large children or adults, Therefore, parents or primary caregivers should be careful not to stack soft warm items on the baby bed when the low temperature comes.

He also lists the "Baby Safe Sleep Environment 5 Code":

1. Sleeping with others in bed is one of the risk factors for sudden death in infants. Even with parents or multiple brothers and sisters, it is recommended to "different beds in the same room."

2. When using a towel or blanket to keep warm, wrap it around your baby's chest and expose your arm to reduce the chance of covering your face, or wear a one-piece or sleeping bag baby pajamas.

3. The surface of the crib must be solid and flat. Do not have loose objects such as pillows, stuffed toys, etc.; do not let the baby sleep on a sofa, chair, mat or sleep on a parent or caregiver.

4. Avoid overheating the environment, do not wear too much clothing and over-wrapped the baby. When there is no air conditioning equipment, pay attention to ventilation.

5. Smoke-free environment, do not allow anyone to smoke near the baby.

The pediatrician once reminded the Facebook fan group that many people think that the picture of the child sleeping on his parents is very warm, but the health manual actually writes not to do this. "Adults may be very confident, thinking that they will not sleep. You can feel whether your baby is breathing, but when you are too tired, it is really easy to fall asleep, especially when your father often squats and sleeps better than the baby. The mother is too tired and can't hold it."

Infant sudden death syndrome refers to the sudden death of an infant under 1 year of age, and after detailed investigations such as complete pathological anatomy, analysis of the death process and examination of clinical history, the cause of death has not been found. Many parents worry that their baby will have a choking risk when they are sleeping on their backs or that they will affect their head shape, so they may sleep or sleep. But many studies have shown that "sleeping" is an important risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome.

Sleeping on your back does not increase your baby's chances of breastfeeding. On the contrary, because some infants have a bad nervous response in their sleep, sleepiness is more likely to cause suffocation in the baby. Side sleeping is because it is easy to turn over and fall asleep, so it is not recommended. The baby is sleeping on the side.