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Chinese Infant Knitted Apparel Standard
Dec 06, 2017

1. The provisions of the sewing process

The standard fully takes into account the skin characteristics of infants and young children, the clothing sewing process made a special regulation, in order to prevent thread winding to the baby's fingers and toes caused harm, the standard child underwear, Lian thread should be removed clean. Children's skin delicate, should avoid children's wear inside the durability of the logo directly with the child skin contact. The standard stipulation underwear product for the hot cut trademark, the washing mark must nail in the clothing outside, avoids stimulates the skin.

2. Intrinsic performance indicators

The standard for the decomposition of aromatic dyes is not detected in accordance with the national mandatory standards. Standard for water resistance, perspiration-resistant color fastness to excellence requirements should be strict with the national mandatory standards and other knitted products standards. The standard has increased the strength of the Belt and button stitching and laid out a test method for sewing strength.

3. Grading Assessment Provisions

Standard for infant knitted apparel product quality grade divided into excellent products and first class products two products. The intrinsic quality of infant knitted apparel products is criticized, such as the quality of the appearance according to the pieces, the combination of the two to the lowest level. Does not set the level of qualified goods, thereby improving the standard requirements of the starting point.