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Classification Of Infant Clothing
Dec 06, 2017

By function:

Baby underwear is small, but a lot of species, long, short, robe-shaped, frog-type, daily wear, sleep wear, a variety of more than seven or eight kinds, choose to take into account each of the different effects.

Robe-like underwear-the hem is looser, suitable for babies who can crawl before they get a diaper--just lift the hem.

Frog-type underwear--easier to kick and avoid dislocated hips.

Buckle-type underwear-effective care of small baby's fragile belly, very practical.

By texture:

Texture directly determines the touch of the underwear, is the choice of the first factor to consider. Cotton underwear with its good wicking breathable, comfortable feel to become the only choice for baby underwear texture. Generally speaking, the use of pure cotton fabric for baby underwear has the following four kinds of:

Knitting rib Cloth: This is a kind of elastic knitted fabric, the texture is thinner, the characteristic is the elasticity, the air permeability is strong, feels good, but the warmth is slightly bad, therefore is not suitable for the winter, is the best choice in summer.

Knitted cotton felt: slightly thicker than the rib cloth, for the double-layer elastic knitted fabric, characterized by excellent scalability, warmth, permeability and good feel, suitable for winter underwear.

Cotton cloth: is a kind of flat weave fabric, because the thin and the fiber gap is big, the air permeability is extremely good, but the elasticity, the heat preservation and the feeling general, washes easily to shrink, mainly uses in the summer underwear.

Towel cloth: The wool circle pure cotton cloth, because the texture is thicker, has the very strong warmth and the good elasticity and the feeling, but the air permeability is slightly bad, generally uses in the autumn winter underwear.