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Design Of Collar Structure And Waist Structure Of Infant Clothing
Dec 06, 2017

Design of collar structure

The collar is a vital part of the garment, as the person's face is silhouetted against the head. So it's easy to be the focus of attention. The collar plays an important role in the styling of baby garments, collar design to consider the baby's body shape characteristics, because the baby's head is larger, short and thick, shoulder narrow, so the general collar should not be too out of the neck, not in the neckline to design cumbersome collar and decorative complex lace, collar to flat and soft, the collar is not too high, Most choose the style without collar. The no-collar structure can meet the needs of the baby's head movement, while also providing space for a small towel or bib. Spring, autumn, winter use of small neck, square collar, disc collar, such as closing collar, summer can be open to the V-collar and the size of the neck and so on.

Structural design of the waist

The infant's nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea and bronchus are very narrow, the chest is smaller and the respiratory muscle is weaker, mainly by the septal muscle breathing, careful observation of the baby's abdomen, can clearly see the baby's breathing rhythm, so its waist design should be loose, relaxed form, waist should not be tied with bands and elastic band structure, so as not to squeeze the abdominal cavity and chest, Affect the growth of baby skin and hinder the baby's abdominal breathing.