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Five Marketing Strategies For Children's Wear Markets That Must Be Followed
Dec 22, 2018

1. The use of emotional marketing in children's wear marketing. Emotion is the eternal theme between people. As a special group of children, although new-born babies know nothing about the outside world, as a parent who raises them, this new life will accept their protection and see the future and hope. For parents, give them what they can give, pay what they can pay, and satisfy their children as much as possible. This is a kind of preference and an emotional exchange that leads to consumption. Therefore, emotional marketing is extremely important in the sales of children's wear. When used properly, it will make the company get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Establish an emotional brand culture. Nowadays, the competition in the market has shifted from the product competition at the material level to the cultural competition at the psychological level. The cultural competition at the psychological level requires the fusion of emotions. Nowadays, clothing merchants have not said that they are selling clothes, but they are selling. Brand culture. It can be seen that the current market competition is not only the material aspect, but more importantly the psychological competition. This makes consumers think that we sell children's clothing is not to sell clothes, we sell the care of maternal love, selling the fun of childhood, selling the hope of children's future.

       3. Focus on the humanization of children's wear products. During childhood, the bones are in the stage of growth and development, the skin is delicate, and the children are active. Therefore, strict selection of fabrics for children's wear must be carried out, and should have good flexibility, flexibility, non-irritation and safety. Therefore, in design, try to choose strong hygroscopicity, good thermal insulation, and good antistatic properties. The structure is preferably "A" type.

4. Focus on the shaping of children through brand culture. Children's dressing is a kind of comprehensive art. It covers the influence of color, fabrics and styles on children's behavioral psychology. It can also be said to be a materialized behavior of parents' early childhood aesthetic education. This kind of guiding education Start with what you see in the eyes of the child. In the process of children's psychological formation, social culture and family culture play an important role.

5. The identification and marketing strategies of the children's wear consumer groups grasp the users and decision makers in the market. Children are different from adult clothing, children are users, and parents are decision makers. Therefore, the complexity of market sales has been caused. As the number of only children increases, “decision makers” will spend more and more on “users” clothing consumption. Most of the children who produce children's wear are not aware of the huge market gaps and unlimited business opportunities in the children's wear market. With the continuous improvement of the material and cultural level of the society, it is to personalize and diversify in order to satisfy children's wear.

Children's physical, psychological and consumer behaviors are different from those of adults. Through the study of children's consumer psychology, the author should guide and educate children in a good direction, and meet the market demand for children, reflecting that sellers and buyers can start according to their own children and avoid the phenomenon of comparison. Always care about your child's healthy growth.