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Function Of Infant Clothing Structure Design
Dec 06, 2017

Function mainly refers to the protection of the body, cold heat, resistance to dirty and other properties. Three aspects of the infant's physical needs must be met in early infant clothing.

1. Ability to regulate climate temperature

The baby's subcutaneous capillaries are rich and prone to sweating. But the development of sweat glands is not complete, resulting in the ability to adjust the temperature of their own weak, can not adapt to hot and cold changes, need clothing help to adjust. The selection of fabrics in infants, from hygrothermal performance considerations, should be better hygroscopicity, breathability and warmth, to help infants adjust body temperature, adapt to the climate environment.

2. Have the effect of protecting the body

The structure of infant clothing line processing to simple, dividing line as far as possible, in order to avoid the thick hard part of the seam head friction to cause the skin discomfort and damage. In order to keep warm, the baby should adopt a sleeve design, in the sleeve type of the use of the shoulder sleeve, to adapt to the baby "big shape" posture.

3. Ability to meet physical activity requirements

Baby clothing simple shape, to facilitate the main comfort, need to increase the appropriate amount of relaxation to adapt to the rapid growth of infants. Knees, waist, armpit and other parts of the body can not be too tight, otherwise it will affect the baby's blood circulation and growth and development, and make its living advised limited, but also can not be too loose, too big clothes will affect the safety of baby activities. 7,112 months of the baby can sit flexibly before and after crawling, so in the infant clothing elbow, cuffs, buttocks and knees to make some reasonable decoration (such as decals, etc.), not only can increase the beauty of clothing, but also improve the wear resistance of clothing.