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How To Choose Clothing For A 1-3-month-old Baby
Dec 06, 2017
1-3 months old baby body temperature adjustment function is not perfect, skin delicate, resistance is poor, at the same time more activities, sweating more, secretion of sebaceous glands, such as selection of unsuitable, harmful substances easily through the delicate skin invasion of the baby, increase the chance of harm to baby skin. Therefore, it is very important for infants ' physical and mental health to choose clothing scientifically for 1-3 months. Clothing texture to choose environmental protection, soft and hygroscopic good, color is easy to light, easy to wash the whole cotton-padded material. It is more convenient to wear Siamese clothes, wear a shirt and trousers apart can also, is to be careful sometimes the blouse will shrink up, exposing the stomach will catch a cold, hug when also be careful. Clothes or the main ribbon, do not wear a set of clothes, only after 3 months before you can wear a set of clothes, and the collar of clothes to open a little larger.
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