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Mommy Needs To Know That These Four Details Affect The Baby's Sleep, Do You Know?
Nov 17, 2018

Baby's sleep plays an important role in its growth and development. If your baby does not sleep well, it will not only cause slow development, but also affect your health. Therefore, in order to let the baby sleep well, the mothers are not less struggling, but they ignore a lot of small details, especially the four details that affect the baby's sleep, mothers know?

Detail 1: Pajamas are not comfortable enough

Some mothers worry that the baby is hot when sleeping, letting them sleep naked, or that fashion moms only look good on their baby's pajamas. These are not right. When the baby sleeps, not only must wear clothes, but also wear comfortable clothes. Comfortable pajamas not only make the baby more secure, but also have certain benefits for the baby's body. So, what is comfortable pajamas? Baby is very hot, of course, it is better to use cotton material with good sweat absorption. It is also recommended to choose one-piece clothes, because the one-piece can better protect the baby's navel, so that the baby is not comfortable because of the cold. .

Detail 2: diaper wet weight

In addition to comfortable pajamas, diapers as a personal item for your baby to sleep, you must also choose. The baby's skin is delicate, the diaper is slightly heavier, and the baby will have a strong discomfort, so crying at night. Therefore, mothers need to choose a diaper that is strong in water absorption and that remains dry after absorbing water. The baby's small PP will not be uncomfortably uncomfortable, and naturally it will be able to feel the dawn.

Detail 3: The feeding method before going to bed is incorrect

The baby is too full before going to bed, prone to intestinal discomfort, or symptoms of indigestion, resulting in a restless sleep at night. But the baby is not full, and it is easy to hungry in the middle of the night, so crying constantly, also affects the quality of sleep. Therefore, mothers need to adjust the baby's diet according to the baby's work schedule. For example, solid food should be fed about 3 hours before bedtime, milk can be put to drink about 1 hour before going to bed, and as the baby grows, mother Gradually help your baby to quit night eating habits.

Detail 4: Sleeping with your baby

Many mothers think that sleeping with the baby can give the baby more security, but in fact, the baby sleeps in the same bed with mom and dad. Although the baby is full of safety and it seems convenient to take care of it, it is not conducive to Baby is healthy. When an adult sleeps, the carbon dioxide is exhaled around the baby, and the baby can't breathe fresh air better. Or the inadvertent movement of the father and mother when sleeping can awaken the baby and affect the baby's sleep quality. Prepare a baby crib for your baby, place the crib in your mom's room, or buy a crib that can be spliced with the owner's bed. It also makes your baby feel full and safe.