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Points For Attention In Selecting Infant Clothing
Dec 06, 2017

1. The product is not dry-cleaned.

Because some of the most commonly used dry cleaning agents are chemicals volatile substances, the poor tolerance of infants and young children will produce undesirable stimulation, affecting their growth and development, so the standard proposed not to use this method of cleaning products, and clearly require on the product marked "not dry cleaning" diagram or text description.

2. button, zipper and metal accessories surface finish.

In order to prevent clothing wear to the infant and child damage, the standard requirements of all buttons, decorative buckle, zipper and metal accessories without burr, no touch sharp edges and other defects, and washing and ironing after deformation, no discoloration, no rust. Embroidered or hand-sewn ornaments are not allowed to have flash and granular beads or to touch sharp edges and cutting-edge materials.

3. Style design safety.

Standard: Infant clothing products neckline, hat edge is not allowed to use rope band; the length of all the exposed rope bands on the finished product shall not exceed 14cm, and the circumference size is not less than 52cm, all of which are in order to avoid the product in use, because of the hook, pull, drag situation, the child's personal damage. Foreign children have been reported as a result of the traffic accident caused by the door card of the clothing strap.