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Process Design Of Infant Clothing
Dec 06, 2017

1. Specification Design

Specification design refers to the design of the size of each part of the infant garment. For example, the baby's trousers should be around 20cm, the proportion is larger than adults, and hip circumference plus volume is also relatively large, this is because the baby needs to wear diapers. When diapers are not needed, the size of the crotch of the trousers is properly reduced. Therefore, the focus of the design is to master the actual size of the baby, the second is to understand the baby's physiological characteristics and wear habits.

2. Process Design

Process design to ensure that clothing comfortable, easy to operate. For example, baby underwear seam processing, you can use seam in the front of the garment and lap joint treatment method, so as to avoid the seam too thick for the baby skin damage. In addition the price of infant clothing is lower, in order to increase profits must reduce the input of human cost, so the process method is simple and easy to operate.

To sum up, the design of infant clothing must be based on the physiological characteristics of infants to ensure that the comfort of clothing, can not cause harm to the baby.