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Safety Is Vital To Baby Clothing
Dec 06, 2017

The baby is a special bead of the crowd. Their organs (including the skin) are still in the growth and development period, the function is not perfect, more delicate, and self-protection awareness and ability to protect the formation, in daily life is vulnerable to all kinds of injuries, it becomes the focus of concern and protection of the object. Clothing belongs to the human body related to the larger life supplies, the baby body contact is relatively close, therefore, baby clothing wearing the use of

Safety and health performance issues should be paid enough attention to prevent the use of objects adversely affected and hurt. For example, "The People's Republic of China Infant clothing standards" explains baby clothing products neckline, no rope bands are allowed on the edge of the cap; the length of all exposed bands on the finished product shall not exceed 14cm; After the collar is expanded, the circumference size is not less than 52cm, all of these are in order to avoid the product in use, due to hook, pull, drag the occurrence of the situation , causing injury to infants and young children.