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Selection Of Accessories For Infant Garment Surface
Dec 06, 2017

A wide variety of surface accessories, infant garment surface Accessories Selection

Mainly from several angles consider:

1. Damp-heat properties of fabrics

Fabrics should have good hygroscopicity, breathability and warmth, to help infants adjust their body temperature and adapt to climate conditions such as cotton fabric.

2. Mechanical properties of fabrics

Fabric to be soft, a certain degree of elasticity, high friction strength. Rough and excellent materials easy to scratch the skin of the baby, especially the choice of underwear fabrics to pay attention to, the baby skin delicate, clothing to often wash, so the fabric must have a certain strength, to resist washing.

3. Fabric Safety Performance

The fabric of baby garments must be safe. Security can be mainly considered from several aspects: first of all, the electrostatic properties of materials. The clothing static electricity to the adult's injury almost not, but has the influence to the baby, therefore requests the material to be not easy to rise the static electricity, in the baby clothing material as far as possible not to use the chemical fiber ignition, especially in the climate relatively dry season and the clothing which the region wears. Second, to consider the harmful chemicals in the material, these chemicals are generally in the process of dyeing and finishing adsorption on the material, the damage to the baby is very big, so it must be noted that the baby clothing material before processing must be washed to remove harmful substances.

4. Pressure of the material

Infant clothing pressure Comfort limit value is lower, therefore the surface accessories request is comparatively light, do not choose very thick material.