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Six Rules For Cleaning Infant Clothing
Dec 06, 2017

Cleaning baby clothes is not the same as washing adult clothes, which is determined by the skin characteristics of infants and toddlers. Infant skin is only adult skin thickness of 1/10, thin skin, poor resistance, a little attention will cause baby skin problems. So be careful when cleaning.

1.Sterile agent, bleach is not available.

2.Drying.Baby clothing can be placed in the sun drying, can play a role in disinfection.

3.Stain as soon as possible. Children's clothes will always be stained with a lot of juice, milk stains and so on, these stains are not easy to clear, but as long as it is just spilled, wash immediately, usually easier to wash off. If it took one or two days to wash, the dirt could go deep into the fiber and wash away. So don't be a lazy mother.

4.The underwear coat is washed separately. Underwear and coats should be washed separately, usually in case the coat is dirtier than the underwear. Dark and light-colored also play separate wash, lest cause dyeing.

5.Do not mix with adult clothes. Children's clothing should not be washed with adult clothes, because more bacteria are attached to adult clothing, while washing bacteria will attach to baby clothes. It is recommended to wash baby's clothes individually and with special pots.

6.Select Special Detergent Cleaning. There are many baby clothes on the market special detergent, although the price is more expensive, but the baby's health benefits, will not hurt the skin, causing allergies. If there is no special detergent, then use soap can also. Pay attention to the washing instructions according to the product, such as dilution ratio, soaking time and so on.