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The Design Principle Of Infant Clothing
Dec 06, 2017

Practicality, economy and fashion are the design of infant clothing products must be considered.

Practical economy, first of all from the physiological characteristics of the baby, the baby love sweating, defecation function is not perfect, the outside temperature to adapt to slower, so the fabric requirements not only sweat, soft, but also washable.

Another feature is the baby shape growth and development of fast, in the cuffs and trousers mouth using valgus edge design, can increase the wear time of clothing, sleeping supplies, sleeping bags using an expandable design, so that the baby can continue to use it as a quilt.

In the aspect of aesthetics and fashion, the popular color and patterns of adult attire are not completely fit for the baby. According to the characteristics of small baby size to choose Application, in the baby's hat using some small animal ears or small insect tentacles as a decoration, fabrics can be used cute small animals, small flowers, small geometric patterns as decoration, Color to choose a popular color, but to be suitable for the baby, not too deep too heavy.

Baby dress design is different from the particularity of the children's clothing, the birth of a newborn to this world, we have to use what kind of way to meet, to protect, to ensure that his healthy growth, how to guide this niche can become the world's beauty of the recipient, the United States and finally become the creator of beauty, These are the issues that our design has to take into account.